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Tennessee Gala Day


The 2019 Gala Day will be held April 25-28, 2019 in Memphis, TN, hosted by Fatima Temple No. 101 and Fatima Court No. 30, Oasis of Covington.

Tennessee Gala Day Registration badges will be required for

attendance/admittance at all events, including hospitality!


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Phone: 901-395-0150

2239 Democrat Rd

Memphis TN 38132-1802


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Noble Otis Burnette, PP

Imperial Deputy of the Desert of Tennessee

Dt. Marsha Woodall, PC

Imperial Deputy for the Desert of Tennessee

Recruit - Reclaim - Retain

Noble Otis Burnette, PP

Imperial Deputy of the Desert

Moolah Temple No. 54

Noble Calvin Maddox (78)

Chief Rabban


Noble Richard Ellington (105)

Assistant Rabban


Noble Curtis Avant (105)

High Priest & Prophet


Noble Kevin Dammond (54)

Oriental Guide


PP Tracey White (54)



Noble John Pew (101)



Noble Virtner B. Clark (54)

1st Ceremonial Master


Noble Kenneth Bernard (169)

2nd Ceremonial Master


Noble Oits McGee (123)

Captain of the Guard


Noble Gordon Flowers (54)

Outer Guard


Noble Willie Carpenter (54)

Advisor to the Daughters


Noble Ernest Pulliam (78)



Noble John Dodds (123)

Legal Advisor


Nobles Brown(151), Wells (54) & Dodds (123)

Audit Committee


Dt. Marsha Woodall, PC

Imperial Deputy for the Desert

Moolah Court No. 22

Dt. ??

1st Lieutenant Commandress

Dt. ??

2nd Lieutenant Commandress

Dt. ??

High Priestess

Dt. ??

Oriental Guide

Dt. ??


Dt. ??


Dt. ??

1st Ceremonial Daughter

Dt. ??

2nd Ceremonial Daughter

Dt. ??

Inside Spy

Dt. ??

Outside Spy

Moolah No. 54

Oasis of Memphis

Illustrious Potentate - Noble Kevin Dammond

Chief Rabban -

Assistant Rabban -

Deputy - PP Dwight Smith

Hella No. 105

Oasis of Nashville

Illustrious Potentate -

Chief Rabban -

Assistant Rabban -

Deputy -

Zarah No. 151

Oasis of Jackson

Illustrious Potentate - Noble Ronnie D. Clark

Chief Rabban - Noble Torrez Brooks

Assistant Rabban - Noble Erich Brooks

Deputy - PP Willie Bond

Al-Uzza No. 169

Oasis of Somerville


Illustrious Potentate - Noble Marlon Hill

Chief Rabban - Noble James W. Arradondo

Assistant Rabban - Noble Carlos Johnson

Deputy - PP Tony Pierce

Keblah No. 78

Oasis of Knoxville

Illustrious Potentate -

Chief Rabban -

Assistant Rabban -

Deputy -

Hyksos No. 123

Oasis of Chattanooga

Illustrious Potentate - Noble Clarence T. Daniel, Jr.

Chief Rabban - Noble Anton G. Burch

Assistant Rabban - Noble George Ervin

Deputy -

Fatima No. 101

Oasis of Covington

Illustrious Potentate -

Chief Rabban -

Assistant Rabban -

Deputy -

History of Shrinedom in Tennessee



The History of Gala Day

Gala Day was first conceived and presented to the Imperial Council in 1944. The original idea was not conceived as Gala Day, but as Deputy’s Day and was given the name Gala Day by the Imperial Council.


Gala Day was the brain child of Daughter Flora Watkins and Noble Claude Watkins. At the time of its inception, Noble Watkins was the Imperial Deputy of the Desert of Indiana. He approached the Imperial Potentate and Imperial Council with the idea of declaring a day to honor the Deputies of the Deserts throughout the Imperial Domain. The idea was first met with many objections in the Council by a very conservative block of officers of the Shrine. The Imperial Potentate, Noble Raymond W. Jackson #61 (1939-1955), “A Man for the Hour,” embraced the thought that the Deputies worked for the Council all year and deserved the tribute. He also reasoned that local Temples could make money for charity.


Upon giving the idea its approval, the Imperial Council decreed that the event should be known as “Gala Day”, and that the Deputy of the Desert must be in charge of all arrangements and business pertaining to the events. The Council ruled that each Temple in the Desert would be allowed the opportunity to serve as hosts, with the initial event to be held in 1945.


Gala Day as we know it today is a joint celebration between the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and the Daughters. This is why we celebrate “Gala Day.”